Author: Heather Carr

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Peak Water

All over the world, usable fresh water supplies are shrinking. Less and less water is available for agriculture, in other words, the food we eat. However, agriculture is often the lowest priority when governments allocate water.

July 15th

The Lack of Water in Palestine

In Palestine, many homes lack water most of the time. Water sources in Palestine are under the control of Israel and, according to international agreements, water is to be shared between the two nations. However, many Palestinians say they don’t get enough water to satisfy their minimum needs.

July 8th

Jellyfish – Nature's Fireworks Show

Jellyfish are found in every ocean in the world, in both shallow coastal ecosystems and the deep ocean. Their beautiful and colorful light displays make them favorites in aquariums and in sea dives. These three videos show off jellyfish, nature’s fireworks show.

July 4th

The Survival of the Earth Depends on Frogs

Healthy frogs means healthy humans. Jean-Marc Hero, a vertebrate ecologist specializing in conservation biology of amphibians, biodiversity assessment and monitoring, and conservation physiology explains that the survival of the Earth depends on frogs. The survival of frogs depends on humans.

Today, there are more seven thousand species of amphibians in the world – more than six thousand of those species are frogs. With so many frogs, how can the survival of the planet depend on them? Well, in lots of ways.

June 25th