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OriginOil – Using Algae as Biofuel

The algae biofuel company OriginOil is starting to rev into commercial production and that could mean good news for green jobs in the U.S. – and good news for the U.S. Navy, too. The latest step is a new partnership with algae grower Aquaviridis to introduce OriginOil’s high tech algae oil extraction system to a facility in Mexicali, Mexico. If the R&D phase is a success, next up would be a network of algae farms in the southwestern U.S. as well as additional sites in Mexico.

February 7th

New Zealand Turns Waste Into Energy

It may not smell like roses, but it could become a great sustainability love story. Solray Energy of New Zealand has found a way to turn sewage into biofuel. At what they call the world’s largest algae refinery and their business is quite possibly the holy grail of green alchemy: they convert toilet wastewater to […]

December 3rd

Researchers Use Algae to Detect Water Supply Contaminants

A new study from researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) demonstrates that microalgae can be used as effective sentinels to detect contaminants in water supplies. The research, funded in part by the Department of Energy’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research, uses a flourometer that measures the flourescence signal of algae that grow […]

September 4th

Pollution Closes Record Number of US Beaches in 2008

The best way to escape the summer heat is to head to the beach; however, you may be putting your health at risk by swimming in polluted waters.  A record number of public beach closures prompted by water pollution occurred last year.  According to a Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) report of US beaches, “pollution […]

August 3rd