Climate Change

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Kiribati: Climate Change Refugees and Ambitious Conservation

Kiribati is a group of islands and atolls in the south Pacific- almost all Kiribati land is less than 3 meters above sea level. “Kiribati is a Christian country and has a strong belief … that the Almighty God will surely not destroy His own creation,” says Tukabu Tereroko, Kiribati Minister of the Environment. “However, […]

October 1st

River Deltas Sinking Around the World

Major river deltas around the world are sinking. A recent study published in the journal Nature Geoscience concluded that 24 of 33 major river deltas around the world are sinking. Deltas are formed when rivers deposit the sediment that moving water loosened and carried from the riverbed. Dams and water diversions mean that less sediment […]

September 30th

Tests Confirm Oregon Dogs Died from Toxic Algae

Four Oregon dogs have died from toxic algae found in Elk Creek near its confluence with the Umpqua River. Low flows resulting from drought have caused algae blooms that are toxic to pets, humans, and livestock.  One dog’s cause of death has been confirmed as caused by blue-green algae, leading officials to presume similar causes […]

September 28th

Greenland's Ice Sheet Decreases by Five Miles in a Decade

Greenland’s ice sheet is losing the equivalent of 80,000 Olympic size swimming pools each year. These stark facts are brought to light by CNN’s Phil Black, who recently accompanied Greenpeace on a trip to Greenland. A bird’s eye view of Greenland’s glacial territory reveals an ice sheet but the bright blue pools of meltwater scattered […]

September 26th

Summer of 2009 the Warmest on Record for Oceans

Early in 2009 NASA predicted that 2009 and 2010 could be years of record global temperatures, and it seems they may be right. The Earth’s oceans have just finished their warmest summer on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. How long is “on record?” – since 1880. Deke Arndt, climate monitoring branch […]

September 23rd

Rising Sea Levels: What Amsterdam Can Teach the World

Scientists are predicting a one meter rise in sea levels during this century, an environmental change that will affect cities around the globe. Amsterdam, the Dutch capitol city, has experienced more than its share of water disasters and does not take the predictions of rising sea levels lightly. A 1953 flood that brought water levels […]

September 9th

Ecological Restoration: Climate Change Makes River Restoration Critical

A new peer-reviewed paper published in the September 2009 issue of Ecological Restoration concludes “climate change makes riparian restoration more important than ever.”  This logical conclusion is backed by research, and the authors make recommendations for practice implementation.  Once again, we are reminded of the far reaching ramifications of climate change and how we need […]

September 2nd

Mumbai – An Estuary in Need of Recovery

Global warming continues to make the flood situation in coastal cities particularly precarious. As sea levels rise, the need for urban adaptation is becoming more and more urgent. This is especially apparent in cities like Mumbai which gets flooded during its monsoon season, each year.

August 11th

Pollution Closes Record Number of US Beaches in 2008

The best way to escape the summer heat is to head to the beach; however, you may be putting your health at risk by swimming in polluted waters.  A record number of public beach closures prompted by water pollution occurred last year.  According to a Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) report of US beaches, “pollution […]

August 3rd

Oceans and Carbon Dioxide: Known Causes Creating Unexpected Effects

Scientists found two unexpected effects of climate changes in the world’s oceans this week: the Southern Ocean is absorbing less carbon dioxide than expected, while fish raised in water with higher carbon dioxide levels are growing larger ear bones. Scientists have long known that climate change would effect ocean ecosystems, but neither of these effects […]

June 28th