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The Global Water Crisis

The global water crisis affects us all. Experts estimate that population will increase by another billion people in the world by 2025. The infographic below shows that the world’s population has doubled in the last forty years, but fresh water use has quadrupled.

May 16th

Does Irrigation Mask Climate Change?

We know irrigation works- meaning, we know that we can turn a desert into farmland. But how much do we know about the side effects? A new report from two New York researchers entitled Irrigation and 20th Century Climate suggests that the worldwide increase in irrigation over the 20th century is actually changing weather patterns […]

October 13th

Maplecroft Publishes Water Security Risk Index

British-based risk consultancy Maplecroft consultancy has issued a report on the stability of countries’ water supplies around the world. Maplecroft helps, “businesses and investors to navigate the political, economic, social and environmental risks affecting growth opportunities in both developed and emerging economies.” Maplecroft’s “water security risk index” assessed 165 nations from around the world, looking […]

July 19th

Is Traditional Water Management the Future?

The world’s water situation is only going to get more challenging in the coming years. There will be more people a water supply that is increasingly polluted and often distributed with aging infrastructure. Clearly we will need to embrace new methods of water management- is it possible that those methods have been around for thousands […]

May 26th

Is Climate Change Genocide?

Climate change and rising temperatures are widely believed to be causing the retreat of glaciers and lower river flows. According to researchers, that is what’s happening to the Andean glaciers. Evo Morales, President of Boliva, believes there should be an international court of environmental justice- and many Bolivians agree with him. In fact, Boliva’s UN […]

April 22nd

Rivers in the Desert: Solar-Powered Desalination

Water crises and water shortages are increasing around the world- at this point there are 1.2 billion people in 40 countries without reliable access to clean water. But what if there were a way to use the sun to turn oceans into drinking water? IBM and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), the […]

April 15th

Plants Conserve 44% More Water With Active Enzyme

A team of biologists identified plant enzymes last month that help plants utilize raised levels of carbon dioxide to more efficiently use water. The team, led by biology professor Julian Schroeder at UC- San Diego, discovered protein censors that control the response of pores on the leaves of plants. By adding an active enzyme to […]

January 5th

Will Yemen's Capital Run Out of Water Growing a Drug?

Where once there were 180 wells, now there are 80…What if an entire CITY ran out of drinking water? Sanaa, Yemen, the country’s capital, is dealing with a massive water shortage. The World Bank’s Sanaa Water Basin Management Project says the city could run out of drinking water in just 15 years. Some say a […]

November 3rd

Melting Alpine Glaciers Expose Our Toxic Past

Scientists have discovered high levels of toxic pollutants trapped in the Swiss Alps are being released from melting glaciers in the Swiss Alps region. A recent study of deposits in several lakes in the Alps showed high levels in legacy organic pollutants during the 1960’s and 70’s, a drop thereafter, and a rise again in […]

October 26th

Waterwall Fatboy 650G Rainwater Tanks

Waterwall is a rainwater storage tank designed to double as both a water storage tank and a garden privacy or protection wall. As they tell the story, one of the two Australian founders, Mitch, had two pressing needs: Fence off his garden from wallabees and capture rainwater that he could store close to his garden. […]

October 12th