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Record Floods in Thailand

While much of the United States continues with extreme droughts, huge swaths of Asia are struggling with record rains. The Thailand floods in September and October of 2011 are some of the worst the country has seen in living memory, resulting in more than $3 billion in damage.  The rainfall in Thailand has been about […]

October 20th

Mumbai – An Estuary in Need of Recovery

Global warming continues to make the flood situation in coastal cities particularly precarious. As sea levels rise, the need for urban adaptation is becoming more and more urgent. This is especially apparent in cities like Mumbai which gets flooded during its monsoon season, each year.

August 11th

NASA Images of China's Three Gorges Dam Reveals Flooding

China’s infamous Three Gorges Dam is the largest hyrdoelectric project in the world and potentially the biggest environmental tragedy.  It has been criticized by environmentalists and human rights advocates since its inception in 1992.  The Three Gorges Dam was completed in 2006 on the Yangtze River, and NASA has released images of the flooding reservoir […]

June 25th