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3-D Mapping Hurricane Isaac Flooding

The USGS is using a new technology to 3-D map urban flooding from Hurricane Isaac. The technology is terrestrial lidar (LIght Detection And Ranging) and it will be used in a few urban areas in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama to record the extent of the wind and water damage caused by the storm.

September 3rd

Wind Map – What is Hurricane Isaac Doing to Our Weather?

If you’re curious what Hurricane Isaac is doing to the wind patterns in the U.S., here’s a wind map. One of the most common questions to meteorologists during hurricane season is whether a hurricane will send rain to a particular area. Knowing the direction of the winds can help determine if you’ll receive rain. It’s no guarantee, of course. Just because rain clouds pass over your house, doesn’t mean that they’ll actually let go of their water.

August 30th