Hurricane Isaac Update

Published on September 1st, 2012 | by

Louisiana church in the flood waters

Hurricane Isaac quickly became a tropical storm once it hit land.  That didn’t stop it from causing significant damage.  About one million people live outside the levee system that protects Louisiana from storms.

Plaquemines Parish was the first to suffer significant damage.  The low-lying parish was on the rainy side of the hurricane.  The first video below shows images of flooding from the storm.  The levees and pumps protecting New Orleans held.

A dam in Mississippi is at risk of breaking.  The storm poured so much rain on the earthen dam that parts of it eroded away, weakening it.  Lake Tangipahoa is being drained to remove pressure on the dam.

Hurricane Isaac reversed the flow of the Mississippi River, no small feat.  The low levels due to this year’s drought contributed.  The rain from the storm should help farms afflicted by drought and put more water into the Mississippi, alleviating some of the problems with shipping and saltwater creep.

This video is a short educational video on the formation of the hurricane and the route it took.  It’s a good video for the kids.

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