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Blue Living Ideas is a member of the Important Media Network. IM is the reincarnation of Green Options Media, which was hailed as the “first green blog network”, launched in February 2007.

Blue Living Ideas is seeking writers interested in being regular contributors to the site’s news feed. If you’re interested in writing for BLI 4-5 times per month and getting paid to do so, please click here.

If you’re not interested in being a regular writer, you can still submit a guest article. Before pitching a guest post, it might help you out to know our site’s mission:

Blue Living Ideas is the ultimate Web resource for information, tips, news, and events related to Earth’s most precious resource: Water.

Think you’ve got the stuff? If our mission strikes a chord with you, we’d love to hear from you! Blue Living Ideas is always open to accepting relevant, well-written guest posts. We get a high volume of inquiries, so we’re not able to accept all posts. Before contacting us about guest posting, please read over our FAQ below.

Guest Post FAQ

Do you accept guest posts?
Yes, we are always happy to accept good guest articles that are beneficial to our site’s readership. However, please understand that if your intention is promotion, it’s not so much a guest post as an advertorial, and we do charge for those. The price is $150 per post.

Can I cross-post something from my own website?
We require that all guest posts be original pieces written for Blue Living Ideas’ audience. You are free to publish your guest post on your site, but we do ask that you wait seven (7) days after the post publishes on Blue Living Ideas before publishing elsewhere.

What should I write about?
Our readers are very concerned with conserving water and marine life and with water justice. Pretty much anything that falls under that umbrella is a good candidate. It’s also a good idea to look over our site and see what we’re posting about to get a feel for the site’s topics and tone.

How long should my post be?
We do not have a minimum or maximum post length. However many words you need to say what you want to say works for us. What’s more important to us is that your post have useful, well-sourced information and that it be well written.

Can I include a bio?
Yes! You’re welcome to include a blurb at the bottom of your guest post about you and what you do. But keep in mind, if this is for marketing or other promotional benefit, you’re likely looking for the advertorial option.

So….interested in guest posting at Blue Living Ideas? Drop us a line. If you can, please include links to three (3) writing samples as well as your pitch for a guest post topic.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by ginnerobot