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Senate Bill 79: the Protecting Pregnant Women and Children from Hexavalent Chromium Act of 2011

What do you think of when you take a drink of fresh, cool tap water?  Chromium-6 probably doesn’t jump to your mind; however, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found this suspected carcinogen in 31 of the 35 cities’ tap water they tested.  Senators Feinstein and Boxer have responded by introducing Senate Bill 79, the Protecting […]

February 11th

Story Water

Today I received a poem in my email inbox, a poem from Rumi. It reminded me of the connection between water and storytelling. Most of the stories I write for Blue Living Ideas are about innovations or news- the innovations tend to hope for some new behavior to take root, while the news tends to […]

October 27th

Private vs. Public Water: A Tale of Felton, CA

Do you know who owns your water?  Many communities have moved from public water works to privatization of this important utility.  Corporations raise rates, and citizens are left with no local control.  In many towns, grassroots movements have successfully fought corporate water acquisition.  Felton, California is a model of such citizen action.

July 27th

Does Climate Change Cause Crime?

Here’s the theory: climate change contributes to rising temperatures and dropping water levels, which in turn leads to lower catch volume and smaller fish, which pushes some Lake Naivasha fishermen in Nairobi’s Rift Valley to cast their nets into the world of crime. Naivasha police say that most of their recent arrests for kidnapping, rape, […]

June 25th

Australia's Integrated Marine Information System Makes a Splash

There is literally an ocean of information floating around out there about almost anything you can think of, but seldom is that information brought together in an integrated, meaningful and useful way- especially when there are multiple governmental and scientific groups involved. But a new high-technology marine information system in the waters off of South […]

June 15th