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New York City Installs Real Time Water Monitoring

Before anyone can do anything about how much water we use (and waste) every day, we need to know how much we are actually using. And when you look around at how many of your daily activities include water, you get a sense of just how difficult a task that is. In spite of the […]

July 28th

5 Blue Living iPhone Apps

More and more, people are connected to their online lives all day.  With smartphones we can carry computers in our pockets, it’s easy enough to listen to music while checking email on the bus. But how aware are we of the water we use everyday? Can smartphones actually keep us more connected to our water […]

June 28th

Australia's Integrated Marine Information System Makes a Splash

There is literally an ocean of information floating around out there about almost anything you can think of, but seldom is that information brought together in an integrated, meaningful and useful way- especially when there are multiple governmental and scientific groups involved. But a new high-technology marine information system in the waters off of South […]

June 15th

Tracking Water Changes From Space

If you see a three pointed star moving along the sky next time you look up, it may be measuring the moisture content of the soil you’re standing on. In early November the European Space Agency (ESA) launched a Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) satellite to monitor water conditions from space. The mission of […]

November 16th