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Waterwall Fatboy 650G Rainwater Tanks

Waterwall is a rainwater storage tank designed to double as both a water storage tank and a garden privacy or protection wall. As they tell the story, one of the two Australian founders, Mitch, had two pressing needs: Fence off his garden from wallabees and capture rainwater that he could store close to his garden. […]

October 12th

Smart Shower Up for the James Dyson Award

The Smart Shower is a multi-use, energy- and water-saving shower entered for the 2009 James Dyson Award that can be used by anyone, including less able-bodied individuals. The designer says that the catalyst for the project was to create an “all-in-one shower enclosure that was efficient on energy” and that provided “safety and comfort for […]

August 22nd

Water-Saving Garden Irrigation

Watering your garden effectively is all about knowing its needs. Over-watering is as harmful for plants as providing too little water. Although on average plants need one inch of water per week, there is a great deal of variation depending on the specific plant, climate, soil, and a host of other factors. Luckily there are […]

August 1st

Residential Water Use in Massachusetts Exceeds State Guidelines

There is nothing more annoying then seeing automated sprinklers watering sidewalks or spraying on lawns during rain.  Such excess water use is common in affluent communities.  Almost 100 Massachusetts communities are exceeding state guidelines for water usage. The state advises residential water consumption be limited to 65 gallons a day per person.

June 16th

Indoor and Outdoor Water Saving Tips

With growing populations causing a continual rise in water demands, using less water and using it wisely has never been more important. The water issue is local as well as global; by implementing a few simple practices you can significantly reduce your water consumption and help to conserve one of your most precious natural resources.

May 24th