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Solomon Islands Tsunami

A magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific and generated a tsunami. Initial reports indicate the earthquake caused no damage, although it was felt by people onshore. The tsunami has reportedly destroyed three villages.

February 5th

Gray Whale Found on Wrong Side of World

This is one of those crazy stories that you can hardly believe when you read it. However, it is one that might become more and more common as climate change steams ahead. The title is no joke and no exaggeration. Apparently, a gray whale was spotted off the coast of Israel last month, despite there […]

June 14th

Atlantic Ocean's Plastic Patch Rivals Pacific Garbage Gyre

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch located in the North Pacific Gyre is well known; however, scientists have recently discovered the Atlantic Ocean is also littered with plastic debris.  After twenty years of study, it is surprising that no one has talked much about marine litter in the Atlantic until now.   Much of the plastic […]

February 25th

Vanuatu Squat Lobster Discovered to Eat Wood

Related to hermit crabs and resembling lobsters, there are over 850 species of squat lobsters. One of them, Munidopsis andamanica, has been recently discovered to eat wood!  Scavengers by nature, squat lobsters have made wood debris their primary food source as other food supplies dwindle.

January 6th