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Whanganui River Now a Legal Person

The Whanganui River in New Zealand has received recognition as a person, similar to a corporation. The New Zealand government and a Maori nation have reached an agreement where the river becomes a legal entity.

September 12th

New Zealand Turns Waste Into Energy

It may not smell like roses, but it could become a great sustainability love story. Solray Energy of New Zealand has found a way to turn sewage into biofuel. At what they call the world’s largest algae refinery and their business is quite possibly the holy grail of green alchemy: they convert toilet wastewater to […]

December 3rd

Kiribati: Climate Change Refugees and Ambitious Conservation

Kiribati is a group of islands and atolls in the south Pacific- almost all Kiribati land is less than 3 meters above sea level. “Kiribati is a Christian country and has a strong belief … that the Almighty God will surely not destroy His own creation,” says Tukabu Tereroko, Kiribati Minister of the Environment. “However, […]

October 1st