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Climate Change Alters Gray Whale Migration

It’s the peak of gray whale southern migration off the central and southern coast of California. Between 20 to 30 whales an hour are being spotted in Monterey, but gray whales are also being spotted up north in Washington state months ahead of their typical migration schedule. According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, these Washington […]

February 4th

Vanuatu Squat Lobster Discovered to Eat Wood

Related to hermit crabs and resembling lobsters, there are over 850 species of squat lobsters. One of them, Munidopsis andamanica, has been recently discovered to eat wood!  Scavengers by nature, squat lobsters have made wood debris their primary food source as other food supplies dwindle.

January 6th

Blue Whale Song Pitch Decreases Worldwide Due to Growing Populations

Marine biologists have long been fascinated by whale songs, as scientists still don’t understand their function fully.  Blue whales, in particular, have a “lonely song” that travels across entire oceans.  Recently, scientists at the University of California, San Diego have noticed blue whale songs are changing as this endangered species population rebounds. Specifically, the pitch […]

December 16th

Seafood Slavery: Americans Eat Thai Shrimp Caught by Forced Labor

It’s hard to imagine slavery still exists in the twenty-first century, but human trafficking is a modern problem called the “fastest-growing criminal industry in the world”.  For example, the fishing industry in Thailand is supported by slaves, mostly Burmese migrants.  Some of this slave-based catch ends up in US markets.

December 7th

40,000 Atlantic Salmon Escape Canadian Fish Farm Into the Pacific

From disease to pollution, farm raised fish have drawn a multitude of criticisms from environmentalists who predict an “eco disaster” from such practices. Most often, fish farming is criticized for its overuse of antibiotics and how the drugs eventually end up in native marine environments.  In addition, farm raised fish often escape into native populations, […]

October 27th

Save the Krill, Save the Whales

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) fishery services has issued a ban on krill fishing along the coast of Oregon, Washington, and California. Many marine species depend upon krill as a food source. William Douros, NOAA’s West Coast regional director of marine sanctuaries, explains, “Krill is a critical prey for a huge number of […]

July 23rd

Like Chimps, Whales and Dolphins Found to Possess Qualities of Personhood

Researchers have discovered that Cetacea, long thought to be “the most distinctive and highly specialized orders of mammals” actually exhibit characteristics of “personhood.”  Like chimpanzees, whales and dolphins exhibit “considerable social complexity and individual distinction.”  Scientists believe future research will prove Cetacean personhood will approach that of primates.  Such research gives even more significance to […]

July 19th