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India's National Water Policy

India released the third draft of its National Water Policy after the first two attempts in January and May met with protests from the states. The latest draft is meant as an umbrella statement focusing on the need for “…a broad overarching national legal framework of general principles on water to lead the way for essential legislation on water governance in every state,” according to the water resources ministry.

July 19th

Water Equity in Tourism

A report from Tourism Concern shows a disproportionate use of water by tourists in the developing world. The difference between daily water use by locals and that by tourists can be as much as 3100 liters (about 820 gallons) per person.

July 10th

Mumbai – An Estuary in Need of Recovery

Global warming continues to make the flood situation in coastal cities particularly precarious. As sea levels rise, the need for urban adaptation is becoming more and more urgent. This is especially apparent in cities like Mumbai which gets flooded during its monsoon season, each year.

August 11th