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The Survival of the Earth Depends on Frogs

Healthy frogs means healthy humans. Jean-Marc Hero, a vertebrate ecologist specializing in conservation biology of amphibians, biodiversity assessment and monitoring, and conservation physiology explains that the survival of the Earth depends on frogs. The survival of frogs depends on humans.

Today, there are more seven thousand species of amphibians in the world – more than six thousand of those species are frogs. With so many frogs, how can the survival of the planet depend on them? Well, in lots of ways.

June 25th

Touring a Frog Pond

Frogs are an important part of the ecosystem, but often, they don’t have enough fresh water to breed. Sometimes, we have to build them a place to live. Here’s a tour of a frog pond belonging to NWF’s California Director Beth Pratt.

April 25th