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Garbage Sails Toward China's 3 Gorges Dam

David de Rothschild famously built the Plastiki out of plastic bottles and sailed it from California to the fabled Pacific Garbage Patch. The journey took months to plan and more than a year to fully realize. But if he were in China on the Yangtze River, all he would have to do to see the […]

August 9th

El Zapotillo Dam Slotted to Flood Three Mexican Towns

As the world’s demand for water grows, dam projects are proposed that negatively affect human rights and the environment.  The El Zapotill0 Dam in Mexico is no exception, and protests have even resulted in death threats.  The towns of Temacapulín, Acasico, and Palmarejo will be flooded with a grave loss to central Mexican culture and […]

April 21st

Brazil Approves Enormous Hydroelectric Dam in Heart of Amazon

Brazil has approved an environmental license for the construction of a huge hydroelectric dam in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, bringing criticism from environmentalists for potential damage to the river basin and displacing indigenous peoples, even though the project is touted as a carbon neutral way to meet the region’s power needs. According to […]

February 16th