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Coral Reefs Putting Up a Good Fight Against Climate Change

Coral reefs may be more resilient that scientist previously thought, according to Marine scientist Ray Berkelmans, senior marine research scientist with the Australian Institute of Marine Science who has spent¬† 27 years diving along the Keppels, a group of islands off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The coral reefs there can be viewed as a […]

December 22nd

Rare Micro-Algae Takes Over Caribbean Corals as Sea Temperatures Rise

A team of biologists from Penn State found a rare species of algae proliferating in Caribbean corals as sea surface temperatures rose, displacing the coral’s own more-sensitive algae. The researchers observed the algae during a period in 2005 when Caribbean Ocean temperatures rose several degrees, stressing the corals. The rare algae, called Symbiodinium trenchi, is […]

September 11th

Chile May Protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems From Fishing

A bill has been introduced into the Chilean National Congress that would protect vulnerable marine ecosystems. According to the United Nations, a vulnerable marine ecosystem is defined as: An ecosystem that is particularly susceptible to disruption, to damage or even to destruction due to their physical characteristics, the activities and interactions of the organisms therein […]

June 5th