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Stupid Policy that Endangers Species: Army Corps of Engineers Scorched Earth Levee Vegetation Removal

Last summer, we reported about the Army Corps of Engineers plans to cut down trees along levees, even though their roots provide soil stabilization.  Once again, this policy has drawn fire as failing to “consult with federal wildlife agencies” to protect species under the Endangered Species Act.  The Center for Biological Diversity intends to file […]

August 17th

Private vs. Public Water: A Tale of Felton, CA

Do you know who owns your water?  Many communities have moved from public water works to privatization of this important utility.  Corporations raise rates, and citizens are left with no local control.  In many towns, grassroots movements have successfully fought corporate water acquisition.  Felton, California is a model of such citizen action.

July 27th

Schwarzenegger Removes Support for Offshore Drilling in Wake of Gulf Spill

If you have followed California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, you will find he has flip flopped on the issue of offshore drilling several times.  In 2008, Schwarzenegger refused to join the Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s call to lift a moratorium on offshore drilling; however, the state soon faced an insurmountable budget crisis that caused […]

May 4th

Will There Be a 2010 Salmon Fishing Season on the West Coast?

West Coast families, tribes, and communities that rely on salmon fishing for their sustenance, once again are faced with bleak options for the 2010 salmon, although the outlook is improved over the 2009 season, especially for sport fisherman. Beleageured by previous poor runs on the Klamath and Sacramento Rivers, commercial salmon season could be closed […]

April 14th

Daylighting to Improve the City and the Environment

Streams and rivers can be central attractions of a city. They can be beautiful, vibrant public places where people can enjoy the company of others while also enjoying the peace and calm of nature. They can also provide peaceful and aesthetically pleasing transportation corridors for bicyclists, roller-bladers, skateboarders, pedestrians and others. For these reasons, daylighting […]

March 18th

CalWater Project to Study the Impact of Climate Change on California Water

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called California’s water troubles a “holy water war… north versus south, California versus the feds, rural versus urban….” As divisive as the state’s water issues are, they are just as poorly understood. Population growth, inconsistent weather and the threat of drought are well known factors that make water planning difficult, […]

January 28th

Voluntary Sustainable Seafood Labels Now Law in California

Consumers are often confused in choosing seafood has been caught sustainably, especially  in light of trusted grocers, such as Trader Joe’s, selling red listed seafood. California’s AB 1217 Ocean Protection Council: Sustainable Seafood will eliminate some of the confusion by requiring the Ocean Protection Council “to develop and implement a specified voluntary sustainable seafood promotion […]

October 14th

Flowing Water Returns to Dry San Joaquin River

The San Joaquin River is the second longest river in California; however, water diversion for irrigation and urban use has caused 64 miles of the river to run dry.  Dry riverbed will soon flow with water again, thanks to the Omnibus Public Lands Bill signed into law by President Obama on March 30, 2009.  Federal […]

October 5th