Water in the Media

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The US EPA Wants Your Ideas

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants your ideas on how to make the nation a better, healthier place to live. EPA Conversations is a new web site which provides a place for discussion about environmental issues and solutions that are important to you.

April 25th

Before the Clean Water Act: 1970s Photos from the EPA

In 1972, the EPA sent freelance photographers out across the nation to document the state of the environment. The EPA was only a year old at the time and hadn’t had much of a chance to change things. Some of these photos show stunningly beautiful wilderness, but some serve as a stark reminder of why we have anti-pollution regulations.

January 6th

EPA Regulating Coal Ash

This week the EPA proposed national regulations to govern the safe management and disposal of coal ash from coal-fired power plants. In 2008, an impoundment full of waste coal ash from the Tennessee Valley Authority ruptured. The resulting 1.1 billion gallon spill caused major environmental damage to the surrounding land and water, displaced residents and […]

May 17th

The Rising Sea: 7 Foot Ocean Rise by 2100

Sea levels are rising, though there is little agreement on how much has happened and how much will come over the next century, there is general consensus that we will need to learn how to adapt to a changing coastline. In their book The Rising Sea, scientists and authors Orrin Pilkey and Rob Young claim […]

January 21st

Drought in the Southeast: Can We Blame Climate Change?

The 2005-2007 drought in the Southeast was bad but was neither unprecedented nor necessarily caused by global warming from climate change, according to a recent study released form Columbia University. “At the root of the water supply problem in the Southeast [United States] is a growing population,” according to the report Georgia’s population rose from […]

October 4th

Celebrating Water through Art – H20: Film on Water

How do you celebrate your relationship to the natural world? The Great River Arts organization has asked close to 100 artists to interpret and question their relationship to Water and the results are slated for exhibition in early August. H2O: Film on Water is a video art show meant to prompt artists and audiences alike […]

July 25th