Water at Home

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Story Water

Today I received a poem in my email inbox, a poem from Rumi. It reminded me of the connection between water and storytelling. Most of the stories I write for Blue Living Ideas are about innovations or news- the innovations tend to hope for some new behavior to take root, while the news tends to […]

October 27th

Green Home Remodeling: Low-Flow or Dual Flush Toilets?

If you live in an older home or apartment, the toilet in your bathroom uses between three to four gallons of water each time you flush.  In fact, your toilet is the “largest daily user of water” in your home.  Some water conservationists respond by only flushing down bowel movements and posting signs for visitors […]

October 5th

Wellness Enterprises: Pioneers in Smarter Water

Wellness Enterprises, the official water sponsor of LOHAS 2009, has been making waves with a brand new home product, Wellness Kitchen, and also with its Wellness H2.O water bottle. Both produce “smarter water” right from your tap. The company’s filtration products utilize the newest technology to eliminate contaminants, viruses and bacteria and actually enhance the […]

July 13th

Residential Water Use in Massachusetts Exceeds State Guidelines

There is nothing more annoying then seeing automated sprinklers watering sidewalks or spraying on lawns during rain.  Such excess water use is common in affluent communities.  Almost 100 Massachusetts communities are exceeding state guidelines for water usage. The state advises residential water consumption be limited to 65 gallons a day per person.

June 16th

Indoor and Outdoor Water Saving Tips

With growing populations causing a continual rise in water demands, using less water and using it wisely has never been more important. The water issue is local as well as global; by implementing a few simple practices you can significantly reduce your water consumption and help to conserve one of your most precious natural resources.

May 24th

Increasing Water Efficiency with EPA's WaterSense Program

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks to Stephanie Thornton of the EPA about their WaterSense program. Much like the EnergyStar program, WaterSense seeks to help Americans to save water and protect the environment by creating product efficiency standards that manufacturers must meet in order to receive the WaterSense certification label on their products.

May 22nd

How to Find an Eco-Friendly Water Heater

You may not realize it but water heating is probably one of the largest domestic energy expenses on your utility bill. By replacing your old electric hot water system with a new gas or solar powered system, you will do wonders to reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly costs.

April 26th

World Water Day 2009

Our friends over at EarthFirst.com turned us on to this YouTube video in honor of World Water Day 2009 on Sunday, March 22, and we wanted to share it with our audience as well. “If a community does not have clean water, it is impossible to improve public health in the long-term,” says Steve Commins, […]

March 21st