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Wringing Out a Washcloth in Space

What happens when you wring out a soggy washcloth in zero gravity? Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station demonstrates. Two high school students from Nova Scotia, Kendra Lemke and Meredith Faulkner, won a national science contest with their “Ring it out” experiment. Their experiment asks how the lack of gravity on the space station […]

April 18th

Water Light Graffiti

Water Light Graffiti is an art installation made up of thousands of LED lights and designed by Parisian artist Antonin Fourneau. When water contacts the LEDs, they light up. Once the water evaporates, the art disappears.

August 12th

Seahorse Dads

Happy Father’s Day! These seahorse dads go the extra mile in a parenting scheme that is unusual in the animal kingdom.

June 17th