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World’s Strongest Waterproof Glue

Anyone who has ever had to clean the underside of a boat knows that there are some sea creatures that are nearly impossible to remove. Now scientists have put that stick-to-itiveness to work by using mussels to create the world’s strongest waterproof glue. Mussels produce proteins in their feet that allow them to “glue” themselves […]

September 26th

Reducing water consumption in a business

There are two main reasons why you may wish to reduce the amount of water your business consumes: cost reduction environmental concerns Across the globe, water is becoming an increasing concern for entire countries and societies.  So we need to be aware of the need to conserve it. Capital Investment and borrowing If your business […]

May 15th

The New Arctic – What Less Ice Means for Humans and Animals

The Arctic has been losing about 10% of its ice annually in the last couple of decades. In 2007, the ice completely disappeared, stunning marine researchers that work there. Jellyfish and copepods took over the ocean that summer. Jellyfish aren’t a popular food source for many animals. Whales, walruses, and polar bears aren’t interested in […]

April 26th

Hurricane Sandy Update

Update: Changed path image at top to more recent one. Added link to food safety tips. (Don’t go shopping now. Use the food safety tips to finish preparing and to make do with what you have.)

The projected track for Hurricane Sandy looks similar today to what was expected on Friday. The category 1 hurricane has begun to turn towards the east coast of the United States and is predicted to make landfall over New Jersey and Delaware late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.

October 29th