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Can Desert Shrimp Farming Rise Up Against Climate Change?

When I hear shrimp farm in the Arizona desert my first thoughts are not about biofuels and sustainability. But to hear Gary Wood, owner of Desert Sweet Shrimp near the state’s Gila Bend, tell it, the innovations coming out of his shrimp farm could be the next big idea to hit the biofuel movement. While […]

August 31st

Scotland Offers £10 Million Prize for Wave Energy Innovation

In order to harness Scotland’s immense marine energy resources and achieve a renewable energy target of 50% of electricity generated through renewable sources by 2020, the country has put its money where its mouth is. The Saltire Prize is a £10 million prize challenge for advances in wave and tidal energy in Scottish waters, and […]

August 21st

Annoying Sharks Used to Make Biodiesel in Greenland

Parts of Greenland have a shark problem. When I think of sharks, I inevitably jump to images of Jaws, but the trouble with the Greenland shark is not the makings of Hollywood. Slim Allagui writes from Sisimuit, Greenland: The Greenland shark, one of the largest species of sharks, is a nuisance to fishermen and its […]

July 30th

WatCleaner Robot Cleans Up Water Pollution

Robots cleaning polluted water sounds futuristic? Not anymore. Ye Yao, Chinese industrial designer, has designed a water cleaning device to combat the growing issue of where clean and potable water will come from. The WatCleaner, a new device created in the worldwide battle for clean water, is designed to automatically clean water.   The WatCleaner […]

July 9th

Renewable Energy Used to Make Drinking Water From Air Humidity

Scientists have discovered a way to make drinking water from the air’s humidity, even in arid regions.  The system completely uses renewable energy and could provide water for many applications. Models have been built and tested in laboratories at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB in Stuttgart.

June 18th

Jalimudi – Where Water Comes from Air

The villagers of Jalimudi, a small village in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India, have been suffering from a shortage of water for years. However things have changed, as they are now getting water from the air as a result of technology developed by Air Water International Corporation, a company that manufactures air […]

May 10th