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OriginOil – Using Algae as Biofuel

The algae biofuel company OriginOil is starting to rev into commercial production and that could mean good news for green jobs in the U.S. – and good news for the U.S. Navy, too. The latest step is a new partnership with algae grower Aquaviridis to introduce OriginOil’s high tech algae oil extraction system to a facility in Mexicali, Mexico. If the R&D phase is a success, next up would be a network of algae farms in the southwestern U.S. as well as additional sites in Mexico.

February 7th

San Francisco Bay and Sea Level Rise

The water in San Francisco Bay has been photographed and reproduced around the world- but have you seen it through the eyes of NASA? Or through the eyes of projected sea level rise? A new study from the scientists at NASA’s own Ames Research Center near the Bay looks at how sea level rise resulting […]

February 10th

AWWA Hosts The World's Water Event

Improving how U.S. water utilities access and provide water to their communities will play an important role in the how we deal with our country’s water future. And what better way to gain insight into best practices and see who’s tapping into the current than some healthy competition? During the week of June 20, The […]

June 29th

5 Blue Living iPhone Apps

More and more, people are connected to their online lives all day.  With smartphones we can carry computers in our pockets, it’s easy enough to listen to music while checking email on the bus. But how aware are we of the water we use everyday? Can smartphones actually keep us more connected to our water […]

June 28th

Australia's Integrated Marine Information System Makes a Splash

There is literally an ocean of information floating around out there about almost anything you can think of, but seldom is that information brought together in an integrated, meaningful and useful way- especially when there are multiple governmental and scientific groups involved. But a new high-technology marine information system in the waters off of South […]

June 15th

Could Martian Water Detection Avert War?

Does NASA have an out-of-this-world way to find water and avoid war? With a rising population and increased incidence of drought, water is becoming a scarcer and more valuable resource by the day. Watch a documentary like Blue Gold: World Water Wars or Flow and it becomes crystal clear that water could be a major […]

April 5th

Innowind and Hexicon Create Powerful Modular Wind+Wave Farms

Norway’s Innowind and Sweden’s Hexicon are collaborating on a unique floating 60 MW wind farm concept, which is now under review by the UK’s renewable energy industry research giant Garrad Hassan. Innowind; which makes these novel turbines, is located in Stavanger, Norway, in what is fast becoming a global center of the new renewable energy […]

April 2nd

NY Proposes Recycling Cooling Water at Nuclear Power Plants

When one thinks of nuclear power, images of cooling towers rising into the sky come to mind.  Water is needed in nuclear power production in order to cool the “waste heat” generated and in case an accident occurs. The Union of Concerned Scientists explains: For every three units of energy produced by the reactor core […]

March 24th

Imagine H2O Water Innovation Prize Winners

Imagine H20 is a national non-profit whose mission is to inspire and empower people to solve water problems. I wrote about their water innovation competition for startups last October, and this week they awarded prizes to some of the most groundbreaking, watershed inventions and business plans in the water world. Top Projects include Fruition Sciences […]

March 16th