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Toshiba to Get Energy From the Ocean

The well known Japanese company Toshiba and its perhaps not as well known co-patriate IHI have been tapped to pilot a new ocean energy project that will deploy a phalanx of underwater turbines that float like kites. The project demonstrates once again how legacy companies are transitioning to new clean tech. At a little less […]

December 29th

Water, From Thin Air: Atmospheric Water Generator

A few weeks ago, we covered a company called Molecule New Water Technologies and their EcoloBlue atmospheric water generator– a product that they claimed could pull pure, crystal clear water from the ambient air around it. As I type this, the company has plans to install 52 EcoloBlue atmospheric water generators in a first-of-its-kind, solar […]

November 14th

Water Savings Kit: All-in-one from Niagara Conservation

If you’re a regular reader of Blue Living Ideas, you’re savvy about your water. But even if you are, and have done a full water audit of your home’s water consumption, you’re likely still missing a lot of easy water savings in your home, simply because it’s a lot of work to go to the […]

September 9th

Using Wind to Solve the World’s Water Crisis

The world is on a precipice of a global water crisis. Today, 1.1 billion people struggle to access safe water on a daily basis, and experts say by 2025, this number will increase to three billion. A small company in Massachusetts is using wind to solve the world’s water crisis.

Aquaponics at the University of Hawaii

Aquaponics is such a great idea. The fish and vegetables lived in a closed system, which means the water is basically reused over and over. Fish supply nutrients to plants and plants do the same. The space required is minimal, too. At least compared to conventional fish farming and field-raised vegetables.

October 2nd

3-D Mapping Hurricane Isaac Flooding

The USGS is using a new technology to 3-D map urban flooding from Hurricane Isaac. The technology is terrestrial lidar (LIght Detection And Ranging) and it will be used in a few urban areas in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama to record the extent of the wind and water damage caused by the storm.

September 3rd

Drilling Begins on Louisiana Sinkhole

Texas Brine Company began drilling near the Louisiana sinkhole on Saturday to determine the cause of the sinkhole. Crosstex Energy, a nearby operator of another storage cavern, submitted a “worst case scenario” report.

August 19th