Water Conservation

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Himalayan Glacial Error Leaves Himalayan Water Truth in Doubt

The backlash over the recent revelation that the 2007 IPCC report included an erroneous alarm that the Himalayan glaciers could disappear by 2035 has been well-documented. Much of the concern flowed from the fact that the glaciers feed several major rivers in South Asia and Southeast Asia where millions of people live. General opinion now […]

February 2nd

Plants Conserve 44% More Water With Active Enzyme

A team of biologists identified plant enzymes last month that help plants utilize raised levels of carbon dioxide to more efficiently use water. The team, led by biology professor Julian Schroeder at UC- San Diego, discovered protein censors that control the response of pores on the leaves of plants. By adding an active enzyme to […]

January 5th

Atlantic Salmon Genome Mapping to Aid Conservation

As fish populations are threatened for a variety of reasons (overfishing, climate change, river diversions, etc.), scientists hope genome mapping of Atlantic salmon will “serve as a public resource for use in managing fish stocks and breeding programs”.  Canada, Chile, and Norway are partnering on this project, and the final results will “create a reference […]

December 10th

26 Gallons of Water Discovered on the Moon

A “significant amount” of water has been discovered on the Moon by NASA scientists. The news follows last month’s lunar crash involving the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (Lcross), which many referred to as NASA’s mission to “bomb the Moon“. The whole purpose of this mission was to see if water vapor or ice […]

November 18th

Birth of an Ocean Occurring in the Ethiopian Desert

Can an ocean be born out of a desert?  Scientists believe that is what they are witnessing in Ethiopia.  In 2005, the 35-mile Ethiopian rift emerged from volcanic processes occurring under the earth’s surface.  These processes mimic those found at the bottom of the ocean, and scientists believe it is “likely the beginning of a […]

November 11th

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and Climate Change

This past June Obama created the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force- their job is to develop “a recommendation for a national policy that ensures protection, maintenance, and restoration of oceans, our coasts and the Great Lakes.” The task force visited the Great Lakes area this week, looking at what needs to be done in the […]

November 1st

Voluntary Sustainable Seafood Labels Now Law in California

Consumers are often confused in choosing seafood has been caught sustainably, especially  in light of trusted grocers, such as Trader Joe’s, selling red listed seafood. California’s AB 1217 Ocean Protection Council: Sustainable Seafood will eliminate some of the confusion by requiring the Ocean Protection Council “to develop and implement a specified voluntary sustainable seafood promotion […]

October 14th