Water Conservation

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Waterboxx Could Save California Winery 145,000 Gallons a Year

A test of an ingenious water saving device invented by Lily grower Pieter Hoff, is being undertaken at Robert Mondavi’s vineyard in California’s Napa Valley, and is expected to save the winery 145,000 gallons of California’s precious water every year. The idea for the Popular Science Invention Award-winning Groasis Waterboxx developed from the way seeds […]

June 10th

1 in 4 Exxon Shareholders Vote to Know Gas Drilling Risk

As potentially the largest natural gas company in the US, with an imminent $41 billion merger with XTO Energy, Exxon Mobil’s cavalier attitude to fracking risk is a concern to some of its shareholder groups. At the annual shareholders meeting on May 26th, endorsed by RiskMetrics Group and Proxy Governance, San Francisco-based As You Sow […]

June 4th

Is Traditional Water Management the Future?

The world’s water situation is only going to get more challenging in the coming years. There will be more people a water supply that is increasingly polluted and often distributed with aging infrastructure. Clearly we will need to embrace new methods of water management- is it possible that those methods have been around for thousands […]

May 26th

EPA Regulating Coal Ash

This week the EPA proposed national regulations to govern the safe management and disposal of coal ash from coal-fired power plants. In 2008, an impoundment full of waste coal ash from the Tennessee Valley Authority ruptured. The resulting 1.1 billion gallon spill caused major environmental damage to the surrounding land and water, displaced residents and […]

May 17th

Raise the Price of Water, Experts Say

Water is a finite resource. It may seem abundant when you look at a globe, but the amount of water in the world that can be used for human purposes is not so large. With a real water crisis looming, one solution the World Bank and the OECD, representing major economies of the world, are […]

May 5th

Most Dangerous Uses and Biggest Misuse of Water

Robert Glennon is the author of Unquenchable: America’s Water Crisis and What To Do About It. I’m sure the whole book is a good read, but for a snapshot of some of the biggest water issues we face today, here are some of Glennon’s thoughts supplemented with a little additional research of my own.

April 30th

The Politics of Rainwater Harvesting

There is a more than two decade old law in the Philippines requiring the construction of rainwater catchments around the country, but it is seldom enforced. In Cebu City, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country currently dealing with extended dry weather caused by the El Niño effect, that is changing. Lawyers and […]

April 28th

Water Footprint Network Releases The Water Footprint Manual

The Water Footprint Network (WFN) is a Netherlands-based international organization that helps individuals and corporations better understand how and where water is used. Their mission is to promote the transition towards sustainable, fair and efficient use of fresh water resources worldwide. Sponsoring partners are as diverse as the Coca Cola Company and the World Wildlife […]

March 9th

Laundry + Bicycle = Bicilavadora

Washing laundry is a difficult time-consuming task in the developing world, and doing laundry in open streams or lakes can add to water pollution. The task also falls solely on women – 8 hours a week is typically spent washing each piece of the family’s clothing and then wringing them out by hand. Washing machines […]

March 5th

We Pay Too Little for Water in California

Even in water starved California, water is probably our cheapest monthly bill. Because public water utilities are regulated, they have to keep prices low. Yet water utilities have costs for water that are rising fast for infrastructure replacement, energy to move it around, regulatory compliance treatment, and population growth. Water is priced artificially low, in […]

February 3rd