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Is There A Human Connection to Extreme Water?

There is no shortage of articles or arguments about how much humans contribute to climate change and extreme weather- you could even say there is a flood of them. What there is less of, though, perhaps a trickle, is hard evidence of a cause and effect relationship between human behavior and extreme weather events. Researchers […]

February 18th

Garbage Sails Toward China's 3 Gorges Dam

David de Rothschild famously built the Plastiki out of plastic bottles and sailed it from California to the fabled Pacific Garbage Patch. The journey took months to plan and more than a year to fully realize. But if he were in China on the Yangtze River, all he would have to do to see the […]

August 9th

The Politics of Rainwater Harvesting

There is a more than two decade old law in the Philippines requiring the construction of rainwater catchments around the country, but it is seldom enforced. In Cebu City, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country currently dealing with extended dry weather caused by the El Niño effect, that is changing. Lawyers and […]

April 28th

EPA Launches Acid Rain Discussions

When was the last time you heard anything about acid rain? Does it not happen anymore? Is it as out of style as grunge music and Friendster? In an effort to answer questions like these (well, except that last one) and engage the online community, the Environmental Protection Agency launched an acid rain discussion forum […]

April 19th

Nevada Cloud Seeding Program Avoids Budget Shutdown

Nevada is a very arid place that supports a fast growing population. For decades, the Desert Research Institute (DRI) has used remote snow generators to seed clouds in northeastern Nevada and the Tahoe region.  The program “is aimed at stimulating snowfall in selected mountainous regions of Nevada to increase the snowpack, resulting in more spring […]

October 19th

Atlanta Brewery Makes Beer from Harvested Rainwater

5 Seasons Brewery in Atlanta, Georgia, is now brewing beer from rainwater harvested on site, setting a new standard for environmental sustainability in water issues. The brewery produced the first rainwater beer for the National Conference for the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA), and the restaurant and brewery says they will now brew all […]

October 15th

Waterwall Fatboy 650G Rainwater Tanks

Waterwall is a rainwater storage tank designed to double as both a water storage tank and a garden privacy or protection wall. As they tell the story, one of the two Australian founders, Mitch, had two pressing needs: Fence off his garden from wallabees and capture rainwater that he could store close to his garden. […]

October 12th