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Rainwater Harvesting Options for Homeowners

Water is a precious commodity you can’t live without. Depending on where you live, your water bill can be one of your larger monthly expenses, especially during the summer. With the help of landscapers, you can set up a rainwater harvesting system that helps you save money and reduces the demand for water in your community.

November 12th

Hurricane Isaac Update

Hurricane Isaac quickly became a tropical storm once it hit land. That didn’t stop it from causing significant damage. About one million people live outside the levee system that protects Louisiana from storms.

September 1st

Wind Map – What is Hurricane Isaac Doing to Our Weather?

If you’re curious what Hurricane Isaac is doing to the wind patterns in the U.S., here’s a wind map. One of the most common questions to meteorologists during hurricane season is whether a hurricane will send rain to a particular area. Knowing the direction of the winds can help determine if you’ll receive rain. It’s no guarantee, of course. Just because rain clouds pass over your house, doesn’t mean that they’ll actually let go of their water.

August 30th

Create a Rainwater Harvesting System for Your Yard

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average single-family, suburban household uses 260 gallons of water a day, and at least 30% of that water is used for irrigation. At that volume, maintaining a lush, green landscape can be hard on your budget, especially if it hasn’t rained in a while. If you’re concerned about wasting water on the lawn and are interested in a greener solution, you may want to consider rainwater harvesting.

August 14th