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Drinking Water — Where It Comes From

Surface water — like lakes, rivers, and reservoirs — is one major source of our drinking water. Groundwater is another. The surface water comes from precipitation, like rain and melting snow and ice. Surface water moves over land to collect in lower areas, so it can contain chemicals it absorbs along the way. Some cities, like Los Angeles and […]

March 6th

Saltwater Pools as a Chlorine Alternative: Maintenance, Upkeep, Costs, and Sustainability

by Trisha Miller Saltwater purification lies among many effective methods of home pool purification. In current years eco-consciousness has come into the forefront of many homeowners needs. If you have considered altering your current pool detoxification routine please spend some time to educate yourself about a few facts in regards to saltwater pools versus one […]

August 12th

Common Cactus Could Help Solve Clean Water Crisis

As many as 15 people per minute die from a lack of clean water. Although 75% of the globe is covered in water, the amount of that water that is clean, fresh, drinkable water is very small and the challenge of providing the whole population of the world with such water has been an unachievable […]

May 14th

Inexpensive Arsenic Filtration System Uses Cattails, Aquatic Weeds

An environmental and civil engineer has developed an inexpensive arsenic filtration system that uses aquatic plants, namely cattails, to remove poisonous arsenic from drinking water, which could improve the health of millions in countries around the world whose local water supplies are naturally contaminated with the toxic substance. An estimated 57 million people are drinking […]

July 15th

Air Force to Use Dummy Bombs to Fight Groundwater Pollution

The Utah Test & Training Range (UTTR) on Hill Air Force Base (AFB) is a Superfund site, meaning abandoned hazardous waste exists requiring federal authority to clean it up.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are ten areas containing hazardous waste materials at Hill AFB.  “In addition, Hill AFB deposited heavy metals and […]

June 8th