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Arkansas Sues ExxonMobil for Mayflower Spill

On March 29, 2013, a pipeline in Mayflower, Arkansas ruptured, spilling tar sands oil throughout the streets. The heavy bitumen soaked into the soil and made its way into local waterways. Six weeks later, ExxonMobil is not making much headway in cleaning up the spill.

June 17th

Fracking for Geothermal Energy

France outlawed hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in 2011, yet companies are being granted licenses for fracking – as long as the fractures will be used for geothermal energy. Do the risks of fracking evaporate when it’s used for sustainable energy?

April 8th

Petroleum Coke and Its Effects on the Environment

Now that Nebraska governor Dave Heineman has approved the Keystone XL pipeline route around the Sand Hills (but still through the Ogallala Aquifer’s recharge zones), the decision whether and when to approve the pipeline rests with President Obama. Four days before Obama’s second inauguration, the State Department received a new report on petroleum coke and its effects on the environment.

January 29th

“You Can’t Stop the Rage”: An Interview with Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Dr. Tyrone Hayes’ story reads like a movie script. Originally from a segregated town in South Carolina, the young African-American studied tadpoles in his yard and later won a scholarship to Harvard. He then became the second-youngest tenured professor in the Integrative Biology Dept. at UC-Berkeley. While doing research on the effects of atrazine for the chemical company Novartis (now owned by Syngenta), Hayes discovered that the popular pesticide causes chemical castration and feminization in frogs and hormonal disruption in humans that can lead to infertility and breast cancer.

January 28th