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California Water: Mavericks, Sacramento and Diane Feinstein

My housemates left before dawn on Saturday morning for the Mavericks Surf Contest, an annual big-wave surfing competition of the coast of Half Moon Bay, California. The waves can reach 50 feet, and because of the variability of weather and water, contest organizers and surfers alike must wait for the perfect storm to appear on […]

February 18th

Oregon Governor Says No To Banned California Miners

Governor Schwarzenegger upset many gold miners this summer when he signed into law a ban on suction dredge mining in California rivers after a moratorium was put in place by the Alameda Superior Court.  The short term ban on dredge mining is meant to protect threatened fish populations until the Department of Fish and Game […]

October 20th

World Water Forum Publishes Global Water Framework

Last March leaders and concerned citizens came from around the world to the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul, Turkey. The city, which spans the great Bosphorus, existing in both Europe and Asia, has served as capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire and is the European Capital of Culture […]

September 14th

Heart of Dryness: A New Book and Interview from James G. Workman

Heart of Dryness, a new book by James G. Workman, is a nonfiction narrative that examines the growing world water crisis against the backdrop of the struggle and survival of Africa’s Bushmen in the face of water scarcity and perpetual drought. Workman’s book is an account of his journey to interview and meet the Bushmen […]

August 19th

Water Footprinting, Water Labeling and Water Stewardship

If you live in the U.S., your Water Footprint is about 2,480 cubic meters/ year. In China? 700 cubic meters/person/year. In the UK? 1,245. In the coming years, water scarcity will become a greater issue around the world, and a new report created by the Food Ethics Council and London-based health and food organization Sustain […]

August 15th

Japan Kills Large Numbers of Pregnant Whales in Antarctic Hunt

Hunting whales is part of the Japanese culture that comes under heavy criticism from environmentalists. Due to “disruptions by anti-whaling activists,” Japanese whale hunters killed fewer whales during their 2008-2009 Antarctic hunting season. 679 minke whales were killed short of the target of 850.  Nearly one-third of those whales were pregnant. 

June 29th

Oregon Governor to Decide Fate of Marine Reserves (HB-3013A)

The Oregon House and Senate have both approved a measure that would establish two marine reserves and begin the process of evaluating four other potential reserves. HB-3013A received overwhelming support by the state’s legislature passing the House unanimously and the Senate by a vote of 24-3. Now the marine reserves’ fate lies in the hands […]

June 24th

Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement to be Revised Because of Climate Change

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement was enacted in 1972 between the United States and Canada “to restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem.”  Over the years, the pact has undergone several revisions when the Great Lakes faced differing threats, such as phosphorus or toxic substances.  Recently, […]

June 22nd