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Atlantic States Move to Develop Their 330 GW Off-Shore Wind Potential

Interior Secretary Salazar has joined with the governors of ten states to develop the staggering potential for offshore wind on the US Outer Continental Shelf, through a new Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Consortium. Last year, thorough polling of residents in five Atlantic states revealed a tremendous groundswell of support for clean offshore wind energy development […]

June 18th

Offshore Drilling Moratorium Only Verbal, Permits Continue

We’re now witnessing one of the worst marine environmental disasters ever, and yet the political posturing coming from Washington D.C. continues to be based on lip service and empty promises. The Secretary of the Department of Interior, Ken Salazar, announced a moratorium on the issuance of final permits for “any new offshore drilling activity” on […]

May 27th

How Much Should BP Pay for the Gulf Oil Spill?

Money will not fix the problems facing the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the massive oil spill, but clean up is certainly expensive.  As the magnitude of the oil spill is still being discovered and British Petroleum (BP) is being accused of falsifying blowout preventer safety tests, Congress is examining the amount of damages […]

May 21st

Catastrophic Well Blowout in Gulf Drains Constituency for Off-Shore Drilling

Support for off-shore drilling has always been high among Republican voters, one of the constituencies that Republican Senators go to congress to represent.  The other constituency is the fossil energy industry itself, that puts considerable financial clout behind electing Republicans to represent the interests of the oil and gas industry. However, the catastrophic sea floor […]

May 9th

Schwarzenegger Removes Support for Offshore Drilling in Wake of Gulf Spill

If you have followed California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, you will find he has flip flopped on the issue of offshore drilling several times.  In 2008, Schwarzenegger refused to join the Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s call to lift a moratorium on offshore drilling; however, the state soon faced an insurmountable budget crisis that caused […]

May 4th

Human Rights vs. World's Largest Marine Reserve

In the late 1960s, the United States and Great Britain expelled the native people of the Chagos Islands and slave descendants in order to create a nuclear air force base. If the area is turned into a marine reserve today, the Chagossians (Ilois) contest they could never return since fishing would be banned deeply impacting their livelihood.

March 30th

U.N. World Water Development Report: Water in a Changing World

Water in a Changing World, the third edition of an ongoing U.N. World Water Development Report, was published last March as part of the 5th World Water Forum through the United Nations. This report may be even more important a year after its publication- after watching Copenhagen fall short and seeing the IPCC 2007 report […]

March 17th

A Future Business Created by Sea Level Rise

Here’s a business concept poised for takeoff in centuries to come, with our rising sea levels. The floating island business. The Dutch (wouldn’t you know it!) company Dutch Docklands has come up with the concept of The Floating Beach®. Now 22nd century tourists needn’t ever worry about their favorite island getaway being underwater. Floating beaches […]

March 7th

The First Nation to Run out of Water? Yemen

War-torn Yemen is set to be the first country in the world to completely run out of water. War and strife are caused by shortages, and Yemen has been no exception to that rule. As the nation has succumbed to desertification, war has followed. As the world warms, desertification (in some regions in parts of […]

March 2nd