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South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Voted Down

The South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary would have covered most of the Atlantic Ocean south of the equator, from the coast of South America to the coast of Africa. It would have joined with the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and the Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

July 4th

Water, the New Petrol

Water, the New Petrol is a web site which aims to raise awareness of the current state of water issues in the world and the problems related to it. On Tuesday, the U.S. State Department announced that Water, the New Petrol was one of two web sites that had won the Doors to Diplomacy Award.

May 23rd

Before the Clean Water Act: 1970s Photos from the EPA

In 1972, the EPA sent freelance photographers out across the nation to document the state of the environment. The EPA was only a year old at the time and hadn’t had much of a chance to change things. Some of these photos show stunningly beautiful wilderness, but some serve as a stark reminder of why we have anti-pollution regulations.

January 6th

Envisioning Chicago’s Waterway System for the 21st Century

There is finally a concerted effort in the Great Lakes region to deal with the problem of Asian carp and other invasive threats to the ecosystem. After a series of unsuccessful lawsuits by Michigan and others to get the state of Illinois to close the Chicago River lock system and the subsequent confirmation of large […]

July 29th