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Antarctica's New Mystery Carbon Sink

Captain Robert Falcon Scott, head of the second expedition to reach the South Pole, and who, with his team, died on his 1912. Living on for almost 100 years now are the specimens he collected along the way- among them some smaller “filter-feeding animals” that resemble branching twigs. These specimens, along with many others collected […]

February 25th

Is There A Human Connection to Extreme Water?

There is no shortage of articles or arguments about how much humans contribute to climate change and extreme weather- you could even say there is a flood of them. What there is less of, though, perhaps a trickle, is hard evidence of a cause and effect relationship between human behavior and extreme weather events. Researchers […]

February 18th

Blue Living Ideas: Back in 2011!

Welcome (back) to Blue Living Ideas! Things have changed around here, and we’ve moved to a new home, joining the Important Media network of sites as of late 2010. Because Important Media is a decentralized network of editorial contributors supported by a centralized infrastructure, it may be a while before we get things going again […]

December 30th