Marine Life

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Dugongs and Sea Grass

Dugongs are a marine mammal which live in warm coastal waters in the Indian Ocean and southern Pacific Ocean. They are slow-moving, long-lived, and at risk of extinction.

July 5th

South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Voted Down

The South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary would have covered most of the Atlantic Ocean south of the equator, from the coast of South America to the coast of Africa. It would have joined with the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and the Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

July 4th

Hardy Species Hitch a Ride from Deep Sea Vent

Some deep sea explorers got a bit of a surprise when they found that a species of snail known only from deep sea hydrothermal vents had hitched a ride to the surface. Previously, researchers had assumed that the pressure difference would prevent any animal from surviving such a ride.

June 12th