Marine Life

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Bluefin Tuna Numbers Are Up

Bluefin tuna numbers are increasing, giving hope to the fisheries that depend on them. Since the trend of the numbers is uncertain – will the tuna continue increasing in numbers, or is this just a population blip? – the World Wildlife Fund is encouraging decision makers to keep tuna fishing quotas where they are.

October 12th

Seafloor Explorer – a Citizen Science Project

If you’ve ever wanted to go diving in the ocean and discover unknown sea creatures from the comfort of your own sofa, here’s your chance. There’s a new web site called Seafloor Explorer where anyone can look at images of the seafloor and help classify the creatures they see.

October 5th

EU Considers Ban on Shark Finning

On Wednesday, the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament will consider a ban on shark finning. Shark finning is the practice of catching a shark, removing its fins, and dumping the still living shark back into the sea to slowly bleed to death.

September 18th

Gulls v. Whales – The Gulls are Winning

Off the coast of Argentina, gulls have taken up a nasty habit of attacking whales. In one of the prime breeding grounds for Southern right whales, a booming population of gulls has figured out how to get a seafood meal every time a whale surfaces by stripping the flesh off the backs of the whales.

September 4th