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Loggerheads Finally Get Promised Protections, but that is only half of the story…

Sea turtles have been swimming the planet’s waters for millions of years, surviving everything from the mass dinosaur extinction to countless natural disasters and cunning predators. In recent years however, sea turtle populations have begun to plummet as they’ve encountered the one threat they have no defenses against—us. Recently, however, there has been reason for sea turtle lovers to rejoice, as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finally designated 740 miles of critical habitat for threatened loggerhead sea turtles along the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico shorelines.

April 9th

Edith Widder on Finding the Giant Squid

Humans have only explored about five percent of the ocean. When scientists went looking for the kraken, or the giant squid, they had to experiment with the best ways to find them. Edith Widder was on the team which was successful at filming the giant squid in 2012.

April 3rd