Marine Life

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Did You Know: More Oysters Means Better Water?

Oysters are filter-feeders. That means they suck in the water around them, filtering out the plankton and bits of dead animals and waste that they eat, then spit the water back out, free of that waste. The process feeds the oysters, produces food for humans, and cleans the water around them. Exactly how much these […]

October 28th

Fisheries Ranges Moving Due to Climate Change

Fisheries ranges are moving due to climate change. Scientists had expected marine animals to move toward the poles to escape the warming waters. What they found is that many animals have, but animals along the California coast and in the Gulf of Mexico had headed south. How to explain this?

September 16th

Jellyfish – Nature's Fireworks Show

Jellyfish are found in every ocean in the world, in both shallow coastal ecosystems and the deep ocean. Their beautiful and colorful light displays make them favorites in aquariums and in sea dives. These three videos show off jellyfish, nature’s fireworks show.

July 4th

New York Gets a Second Chance to Protect Sharks

Though sharks have survived mass extinctions and environmental changes to swim in our waters for more than 400 million years, their resilience is now being put to the test because of the worldwide practice of shark finning. Shark populations may have the chance to thrive again, however, thanks to recent action on state bills, to ban the sale, trade, distribution and possession of shark fins.

May 28th