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Dam Building in China Sparks Warning from the United Nations

The United Nations issued a report this week warning that dam building in China is creating the largest threat to the Mekong River’s future. The report states that the proposed dam development threatens “changes in river flow volume and timing, water quality deterioration and loss of biodiversity.” The Mekong River basin provides food and jobs […]

May 30th

Conserving Stormwater: Use It or Lose It

Water has always been a precious commodity, but the recent rise in frequent water shortages and droughts due to climate change emphasizes the importance of everyday water conservation. Despite the atmospheric consequences of global warming, rainstorms continue…so why let all that water go to waste? Cisterns have a long history, spanning several thousand years. The […]

February 23rd

Eric Corey: We're Running Out of Water

In a video posted by the green communications group The Good Mix, San Francisco-based green architect Eric Corey Freed discusses the potential ramifications of water shortages in California and elsewhere, and the various options and building code issues related to specific water conservation techniques available to homeowners.

February 18th