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How To Make A Rain Chain

Rain chains aren’t just beautiful, but they can help manage water runoff around the home and help mitigate soil erosion from water pouring out of your gutters. In this video, green guru Michelle Kaufmann shows you how simple it is to build a beautiful rain chain.

September 15th

Turkish Farmers Learn to Cut Water Use Up to 50%

About 72% of total water use in Turkey is for agriculture. This 72% is important when the country’s largest city, Istanbul, can be out of running water for days at a time in the summer. “We have to change our perception of water and water use practices considerably,” WWF-Turkey CEO Dr. Filiz Demirayak told the […]

May 19th

New Initiative Addresses Middle Eastern Water Poverty

Early this month in Jordan, seven Middle Eastern countries launched the Water and Livelihoods Initiative (WLI), an international conference on food security and climate change focused on the most elemental of resources: water. The 10 year project is looking at how farmers can best use their limited water resources for irrigated and rain-fed agriculture, and […]

February 15th

New EPA Rules To Annually Keep 4 Billion Pounds of Sediment From Polluting Water

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a set of new rules this week aimed at reducing water pollution from construction sites around the country. The effluent limitations guidelines (ELG) and new source performance standards (NSPS) are intended to control the discharge of pollutants from construction sites. This is the first time the EPA has created national […]

December 4th

USGS Documents Decreased Pesticide Levels in Corn Belt Streams

Pesticide runoff is one of the biggest problems facing streams, rivers and lakes in the agricultural regions around the U.S. A recent study found that the levels of several damaging pesticides are decreasing in the central United States. The study looked at eleven herbicides and insecticides consistently in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, and neighboring […]

November 23rd

Water-Saving Garden Irrigation

Watering your garden effectively is all about knowing its needs. Over-watering is as harmful for plants as providing too little water. Although on average plants need one inch of water per week, there is a great deal of variation depending on the specific plant, climate, soil, and a host of other factors. Luckily there are […]

August 1st