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Smart Sprinkler Promises to Save Water and Money

Over the years of writing for the Important Media Network (and its previous incarnation, Green Options), I have been instantly attracted to good consumer technology products that make the environment a priority. The Nest thermostat is a prime example of this, as are the various WiFi-controlled LED lights. So, when I heard about Blossom- a smart […]

November 18th

How to Water Your Lawn

With summer heating up quickly, lawns are already getting thirsty. The folks at Trugreen, a lawn service company, sent around a list of tips on how to water your lawn to promote healthy grass and conserve water.

June 4th

Groasis – Making Water Last

Some arid regions have a surprisingly high amount of precipitation, but it all falls in a short period of time. The challenge is collecting this water and delivering it to plants over a longer time period. AquaPro’s Groasis is one solution.

December 14th

Drought Solutions: Rainwater Harvesting in Africa

In the horn of Africa, drought has been a way of life for decades. Lack of water makes it nearly impossible to grow food in many areas, and children in the area suffer from malnutrition. In this video, you can see how one charitable organization is helping villages in East Africa farm and feed themselves, using rainwater harvesting and irrigation techniques.

October 19th