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Biofuel's Heavy Water Footprint Threatens Regional Water Supplies

Biofuels, especially ethanol, have come under criticism for raising the price of food and contributing to the overuse of antibiotics; however, there is a new concern that biofuel production is negatively impacting regional water supplies. A recent study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology reports that to produce a gallon of ethanol in some […]

April 30th

Plant a Rain Garden to Fight Water Pollution from Urban Runoff

During heavy rainfall, the runoff that is not absorbed into the ground washes pollutants such as oil, grease, pesticides, bacteria, salts, animal waste, trash, heavy metals, etc. into storm drains. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates 77 of 127 key pollutants have been detected in urban storm runoff. What can you do to […]

April 24th

Venice to Use Algae in Canals for Emissions-Free Power by 2011

Nicknamed the “City of Water”, Venice, Italy is world famous for its canals. In fact, the city is practically a “no car zone” since it is built upon water. Unfortunately, this water is plagued by algae (Sargassum muticum and Undaria pinnatifida) that was brought to the seaport from Japan, China, Korea, and France. The algae poses problems […]

April 10th

Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant Uses Constructed Wetlands

The Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of the first and longest-running constructed wetland systems used to treat municipal wastewater.  Known by locals as the Marsh, the city of Arcata, California’s wastewater treatment facility is comprised of wetland marshes and a wildlife sanctuary.  The Marsh is an example of this unique community’s commitment to environmental […]

March 31st

Global Water Challenge: Universal Access to Clean Water

Here are 3 quick but sobering facts about the present world water situation: Water insecurity could increase malnutrition in 75-125 million people by 2080. Diarrhea caused by unclean water kills five times as many children as HIV/AIDS. In some areas, the amount of available water can fall below 1/10th the basic human requirement.1 The good […]

March 27th

Toilet to Tap: Orange County Turning Sewage Water into Drinking Water

The Orange County Water District is purifying wastewater into drinking water at a $481 million recycling plant. The plant uses microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and hydrogen peroxide disinfection.  70 million gallons of sewer water is treated a day in Orange County, California meeting the drinking needs of over 500,000 people, including visitors to Disneyland.

March 14th