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A Future Business Created by Sea Level Rise

Here’s a business concept poised for takeoff in centuries to come, with our rising sea levels. The floating island business. The Dutch (wouldn’t you know it!) company Dutch Docklands has come up with the concept of The Floating Beach®. Now 22nd century tourists needn’t ever worry about their favorite island getaway being underwater. Floating beaches […]

March 7th

California Water: Mavericks, Sacramento and Diane Feinstein

My housemates left before dawn on Saturday morning for the Mavericks Surf Contest, an annual big-wave surfing competition of the coast of Half Moon Bay, California. The waves can reach 50 feet, and because of the variability of weather and water, contest organizers and surfers alike must wait for the perfect storm to appear on […]

February 18th

Chicago Says Disinfecting City's Sewage is Eco Un-Friendly

Chicago is the only major U.S. city that does not disinfect its sewage. Why? Because it’s bad for the environment. At least that’s the latest reason from its 120-year-old water agency. They claim disinfecting the water would bolster the district’s greenhouse gas emissions and thereby do more bad than good. Engineers with the Metropolitan Water […]

February 17th

We Pay Too Little for Water in California

Even in water starved California, water is probably our cheapest monthly bill. Because public water utilities are regulated, they have to keep prices low. Yet water utilities have costs for water that are rising fast for infrastructure replacement, energy to move it around, regulatory compliance treatment, and population growth. Water is priced artificially low, in […]

February 3rd

The Rising Sea: 7 Foot Ocean Rise by 2100

Sea levels are rising, though there is little agreement on how much has happened and how much will come over the next century, there is general consensus that we will need to learn how to adapt to a changing coastline. In their book The Rising Sea, scientists and authors Orrin Pilkey and Rob Young claim […]

January 21st

Federal Water Investment and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The Federal government recently announced $116.9 million in water and environmental project loans and grants through The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. Water infrastructure investment is a critical part of any domestic recovery and reinvestment initiative coming out of the government, and this water investment represents just a fraction of the over […]

January 3rd

Malibu Bans Septic Systems to Protect Surfers

It’s hard to believe a famous city like Malibu, California would still have polluting septic systems.  With 21-miles of coastline, Malibu is a favorite spot for surfers and water enthusiasts.  The Malibu Surfing Association has led the way in getting the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board to “prohibit the release of pollutants and […]

December 26th

EPA Testing Permeable Surfaces for Green Parking Lots

Nothing makes a city/suburb look like a concrete jungle more than acres and acres of asphalt parking lots.  Not only are parking lots an eyesore, they also are a source of water pollution due to urban runoff containing oil, grease, pesticides, bacteria, salts, animal waste, trash, heavy metals, etc.  The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

November 24th

Researchers Use Algae to Detect Water Supply Contaminants

A new study from researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) demonstrates that microalgae can be used as effective sentinels to detect contaminants in water supplies. The research, funded in part by the Department of Energy’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research, uses a flourometer that measures the flourescence signal of algae that grow […]

September 4th