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TransCanada Gets Injunction Lifted in Texas

Texas landowner Mike Bishop went to court and got an injunction against TransCanada to prevent them from building the Keystone XL pipeline across his land. The injunction was temporary and would have lasted until the day of a hearing to determine if the pipeline put his land at undue risk. Rather than wait for the hearing on December 19, TransCanada worked to get the injunction lifted last Thursday.

December 17th

Toilets for Health Twitter Chat Recap

UNICEF, Unilever, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine sponsored a twitter chat yesterday with the hashtag #Toilets4Health. The purpose of the chat was to discuss the issue of sanitation and the ongoing lack of access to improved infrastructure.

December 13th

Hurricane Isaac Update

Hurricane Isaac quickly became a tropical storm once it hit land. That didn’t stop it from causing significant damage. About one million people live outside the levee system that protects Louisiana from storms.

September 1st