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Drinking Water — Where It Comes From

Surface water — like lakes, rivers, and reservoirs — is one major source of our drinking water. Groundwater is another. The surface water comes from precipitation, like rain and melting snow and ice. Surface water moves over land to collect in lower areas, so it can contain chemicals it absorbs along the way. Some cities, like Los Angeles and […]

March 6th

Toilets for Health Twitter Chat Recap

UNICEF, Unilever, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine sponsored a twitter chat yesterday with the hashtag #Toilets4Health. The purpose of the chat was to discuss the issue of sanitation and the ongoing lack of access to improved infrastructure.

December 13th

Five Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes and Their Bites

With this year setting records for West Nile virus infections, reducing the number of mosquitoes has never seemed more important. The mild winter and, oddly enough, the drought much of the nation is experiencing have come together to produce a bumper crop of mosquitoes.

August 29th

Worst Year Yet for West Nile Virus Infections

This is the worst year yet for West Nile virus infections. The virus is spread through mosquito bites. Most people bitten by infected mosquitoes won’t get the illness, but many will. So far this year, forty-one people have died from West Nile and more then 1300 people have fallen ill.

August 23rd

Drought Solutions: Rainwater Harvesting in Africa

In the horn of Africa, drought has been a way of life for decades. Lack of water makes it nearly impossible to grow food in many areas, and children in the area suffer from malnutrition. In this video, you can see how one charitable organization is helping villages in East Africa farm and feed themselves, using rainwater harvesting and irrigation techniques.

October 19th

Plastic in Our Oceans, & How to Keep it Out {Infographic}

Plastic oceans. Sea creatures full of plastic. This is a reality today. Tons and tons of plastic now live in the oceans of the world. There’s a Great Pacific Garbage Patch and a Great Atlantic Garbage Patch and many other garbage patches now. And, sadly, they grow every day, because we continue to produce amounts of plastic that are hard to even comprehend.

July 28th

Report: Toxins Found in Whales Bad News for Humans

Bad news and bad news for whales these days — endangered baby whales are dying from the BP oil spill and the toxic dispersants used to “clean it up” and the International Whaling Committee has been discussing whether or not to legalize whaling of endangered whale species. Now, a new study finds that sperm whales […]

July 21st