Freshwater Ecosystems

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Atrazine in Tap Water Chemically Castrates Frogs

Atrazine is a common herbicide used in agriculture around the world for 50 years.  The National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) found atrazine present in “75 percent of stream water and about 40 percent of all groundwater samples,” as well as 90 percent of tap water sampled.   Recent research conducted at the University of California […]

March 4th

Lower Danube Exceeds Green Corridor Targets

It’s great to hear a green success story when so much of the news around the world is grim about the health of Earth’s water and wetlands. An ambitious wetland protection and restoration program for Europe’s Lower Danube River is just such good news- the project to create a “green corridor” along the entire length […]

February 24th

Michigan Sues Illinois Over Asian Carp Invasion

The fight to control the invasion of Asian carp in the Great Lakes is spurring legal battles between Midwestern states.  Michigan, with the backing of Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota, is suing Illinois to prevent the Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan.   Not only invasive species but toxic chemicals, urbanization, and climate change threaten […]

January 4th

56% of U.S. Lakes Called “Good” In EPA Survey

Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the most detailed and comprehensive lake survey on the ecological and water quality of U.S. lakes that has ever been carried out. The survey compiles data on 1,028 lakes from state, tribal and internal sources. Just over half of the U.S.’s lakes are rated as “good,” […]

December 28th

Silver Nanoparticles Can Mutate and Kill Fish Embryos

Nanoparticles of silver are in more than 200 different products on the market as anti-microbial agents, but scientists are now questioning whether the practice is safe for our environmental and personal health. Nanoparticles, silver in particular, get washed down the drain and into our waterways, exposing fish and other aquatic life and raising big concerns […]

November 25th

Lake Mead Poisoned by Invasive Quagga Mussels

An invasive species, the quagga mussel, is to blame for a slew of environmental damages in Lake Mead, Nevada, ranging from clogging the Hoover dam’s cooling pipes to starving local fish populations and poisoning the water with concentrated toxins and heavy metals. The mussels are also creating an ideal habitat for deadly cyanobacteria as they […]

November 13th

Oregon Governor Says No To Banned California Miners

Governor Schwarzenegger upset many gold miners this summer when he signed into law a ban on suction dredge mining in California rivers after a moratorium was put in place by the Alameda Superior Court.  The short term ban on dredge mining is meant to protect threatened fish populations until the Department of Fish and Game […]

October 20th