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Water Savings Kit: All-in-one from Niagara Conservation

If you’re a regular reader of Blue Living Ideas, you’re savvy about your water. But even if you are, and have done a full water audit of your home’s water consumption, you’re likely still missing a lot of easy water savings in your home, simply because it’s a lot of work to go to the […]

September 9th

How To Make A Rain Chain

Rain chains aren’t just beautiful, but they can help manage water runoff around the home and help mitigate soil erosion from water pouring out of your gutters. In this video, green guru Michelle Kaufmann shows you how simple it is to build a beautiful rain chain.

September 15th

Water Conservation: Get a Home Water Savings Audit (or do your own!)

Water is a valuable resource, and as the population increases, the demand for water rises in lockstep to match. Water conservation is arguably the most important aspect of the field of green plumbing, and as a plumber focusing specifically on water conservation and efficiency, I am frequently asked for the best ways to save water around the home.

September 2nd

Green Home Remodeling: Low-Flow or Dual Flush Toilets?

If you live in an older home or apartment, the toilet in your bathroom uses between three to four gallons of water each time you flush.  In fact, your toilet is the “largest daily user of water” in your home.  Some water conservationists respond by only flushing down bowel movements and posting signs for visitors […]

October 5th

DIY: How to Disconnect Your Downspout to Protect Rivers

Where do the downspouts off of your house’s gutters flow?  Do they enter into the city’s sewer system?  For many cities, this is a problem.  The city of Portland, Oregon explains: A large part of Portland has a combined sewer system that carries sewage and stormwater runoff in the same pipes. When it rains, the […]

June 2nd

Increasing Water Efficiency with EPA's WaterSense Program

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks to Stephanie Thornton of the EPA about their WaterSense program. Much like the EnergyStar program, WaterSense seeks to help Americans to save water and protect the environment by creating product efficiency standards that manufacturers must meet in order to receive the WaterSense certification label on their products.

May 22nd

Every Drop Counts Slashes Your Water Use

Some of us (ahem) have a serious addiction to long, hot showers. It’s hard to gauge the impact of a shower while you’re taking it—the water just seems to flow from some neverending source. But drought is a problem in many areas, which is why the Every Drop Counts Water Meter is such a handy […]

April 29th