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Japan Kills Large Numbers of Pregnant Whales in Antarctic Hunt

Hunting whales is part of the Japanese culture that comes under heavy criticism from environmentalists. Due to “disruptions by anti-whaling activists,” Japanese whale hunters killed fewer whales during their 2008-2009 Antarctic hunting season. 679 minke whales were killed short of the target of 850.  Nearly one-third of those whales were pregnant. 

June 29th

Oregon Governor to Decide Fate of Marine Reserves (HB-3013A)

The Oregon House and Senate have both approved a measure that would establish two marine reserves and begin the process of evaluating four other potential reserves. HB-3013A received overwhelming support by the state’s legislature passing the House unanimously and the Senate by a vote of 24-3. Now the marine reserves’ fate lies in the hands […]

June 24th

Chile May Protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems From Fishing

A bill has been introduced into the Chilean National Congress that would protect vulnerable marine ecosystems. According to the United Nations, a vulnerable marine ecosystem is defined as: An ecosystem that is particularly susceptible to disruption, to damage or even to destruction due to their physical characteristics, the activities and interactions of the organisms therein […]

June 5th

Biologists Warn 3 Pesticides Harm Salmon

Three common agricultural pesticides carbaryl, carbofuran and methomyl are jeopardizing the survival of salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.  Federal biologists warn these pesticides can affect andronomous fishes’ abilities to smell, swim, grow, and avoid predators, and ultimately will kill them in certain concentrations.  The National Marine Fisheries Service is recommending restrictions and bans […]

May 15th

Caribbean Coral Reefs and Fisheries Endangered by Population Rise

Large predatory fishes are disappearing from Caribbean coral reefs, and the region’s food web and fisheries are endangered due to the rise in human population, according to new research by Chris Stallings of The Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory. The new study documents ‘ominous patterns’ in the decline of marine life in the […]

May 13th

Plastic Fishing Nets Bought with US Aid Destroying Kenyan Ecosystem

Often well intentioned international aid has the opposite effect on impoverished nations that rely heavily on their ecosystems for survival.  Take for example poor fisherman in Diani Beach, Kenya who used USAID money to buy nylon fishing nets that are entangling marine life and damaging coral reefs off Africa’s most popular beach.  Fisherman are resistant […]

April 14th

Humboldt Squid Population Exploding Due to Global Warming

Most fish species in the Pacific Ocean are declining except for the Humboldt squid named after the Humboldt Current in South America. The Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) is notoriously aggressive and can weigh as much as 100 pounds. Called the diablos rojos, or red devils, by Mexican fisherman, the Humboldt Squid can take off your […]

April 3rd